• 'Decadence and Decay' on Bandcamp's Best Metal Albums of 2021 List

    Decadence and Decay named one of the Best Metal Albums of 2021 by Bandcamp! Stating – Silver Talon belong in a lineage with bands like Queensrÿche and Nevermore, whose penchant for proggy guitar wizardry never outshone their dark melodicism and thoughtful compositions. It helps that frontman Wyatt Howell can stand tall alongside Geoff Tate and the late Warrel Dane as a singer. We’re honored to be given such high praise! Thank you to Brad Sanders and everyone at Bandcamp! Read the full list here –

  • 'Decadence and Decay' Makes Decibel Magazine's "Top 40 Albums of 2021" List

    “Decadence and Decay” is number 35 on Decibel Magazine’s top 40 of 2021 list! Tons of heavy hitters were released this year, so we’re completely humbled to see our name among the ranks here. See their full list before the January 2022 issue here:

  • New Video for 'Divine Fury' Released

    New album Decadence and Decay out now on digital, CD, cassette and limited-edition colored vinyl The Portland-based dark power metal group SILVER TALON has unveiled the music video for “Divine Fury,” a standout track from their full-length debut album “Decadence and Decay,” which is now available. The song is the latest showcase of the guitar wizardry of Bryce VanHoosen (ex-Spellcaster) and Wyatt Howell’s soaring vocals. Checkout the full video here: Digital, CD, cassette and limited-edition green haze vinyl copies of “Decadence and Decay” are available at Say VanHoosen, “The silver beast returns! Divine Fury is the most outwardly...

  • Metal Sucks Premieres New Track "Kill All Kings"

    Metal Sucks premiere “Kill All Kings,” the latest single from Silver Talon’s Decadence and Decay. Stating – It’s got chunky riffs, it hits hard, it’s “epic” (overused word in metal but so be it), and it’s at once hard-hitting and melodic, melancholy and uplifting. If a bunch of dudes from the distant future jumped into a time machine, transported themselves to the front row of a Nevermore show in 1999, got marooned in 2021 on the way home when their time machine broke down and decided to start a band, this is what it would sound like. Watch the video...

  • Metal Injection Premieres New Music Video for "As The World Burns"

    Metal Injection have premiered the latest single from Silver Talon’s Decadence and Decay, “As The World Burns.” Stating Silver Talon channel everything that makes their triple guitar attack so killer in the first place into their new single “As The World Burns”. Powerful and inspired vocals and precise drums accompany the guitars, with a hint of dystopia not normally found in power metal. Watch the video and check out the full article here. Pre-orders for Decadence and Decay now available via Bandcamp here.

  • Silver Talon Unveil Cover Art For ‘Decadence and Decay’

    New album to feature guest appearance from Andy La Rocque and striking artwork by Gerald Brom Portland’s Dark Power Metal Band SILVER TALON has revealed the cover art for their forthcoming full-length debut, “Decadence and Decay.” The album cover was conceived and illustrated by noted fantasy artist Gerald Brom, whose work has ubiquitous in the worlds of role-playing games, comic books and video games, including “Magic: The Gathering” and “World of Warcraft.” His distinctive visual style complements the epic aura generated by the band’s three guitar-fueled heavy metal power. Tentatively scheduled for a May release, “Decadence and Decay” – the...

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