'Decadence and Decay' on Bandcamp's Best Metal Albums of 2021 List

Silver Talon Bandcamp Best of 2021

· By Silver Talon

Decadence and Decay named one of the Best Metal Albums of 2021 by Bandcamp! Stating –

Silver Talon belong in a lineage with bands like Queensrÿche and Nevermore, whose penchant for proggy guitar wizardry never outshone their dark melodicism and thoughtful compositions. It helps that frontman Wyatt Howell can stand tall alongside Geoff Tate and the late Warrel Dane as a singer.

We’re honored to be given such high praise! Thank you to Brad Sanders and everyone at Bandcamp!

Read the full list here – https://daily.bandcamp.com/best-of-2021/the-best-metal-albums-of-2021

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