Devil Machine Guitar Play-Through

Silver Talon Devil Machine Guitar Play-through

· By Silver Talon

Check out Bryce VanHoosen & Sebastian Silva play through “Devil Machine” by SILVER TALON in this all-new guitar performance video.

Shot & edited by Kim Coffel

Devil Machine Lyrics:

Eruption from the ground, fire lights the night
Roaring from below, what’s this that has us in our sight
Clawing to the surface, terror is now rising high
Steaming full of hate, and now we all must face it’s might

Mankind has forsaken it
Born from us and now it seeks revenge

Taste the body of a god
Blood of gasoline
Writhing hate that bends & breaks
Bow before the Devil machine

Slouching beast that crushes man
Breath of kerosene
Inhale poison with no end
Bow before the Devil machine

Catch the sight of death
Beaming, soulless eyes
Bringing fourth the end
When we all hear it’s banshee cry
Try to fight for our lives
Options are now running short
Termination bound

Blazing mass of molten steel
Bends the will of mankind
Rolling spiked metallic wheels
Grinding earth, cconsuming all of life

Mechanized electric warfare
Risen from the depths of hell
Rusted, twisted, screeching terror
Burning flesh, wretched smell

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